Advanced Blueprint Reading

This course is designed for the seasoned tradesmen. The duration of the course is 9 weeks (one class meeting per week), totaling 36 course hours. This program is intended to raise the level of understanding for tradesmen who are well versed at the installation process, but would like to further understand and interpret blueprints, specifications and other bid and contract documents.  This will increase their knowledge not only involving their trade, but include well rounded information of many other trades that are involved in the “whole” building process.

A better understanding of blueprints will make an employee a more valuable asset to their company, open new opportunities, as well as, prepare them to make the first step towards starting their own business.

During this 9-week period you will learn:

  • Blueprints and where they come from.

  • How blueprints are made.

  • Different types and styles of blueprints.

  • Working drawings and what they are.

  • Shop drawing and what they are.

  • What effect computers have on blueprints, as we know them.

  • Construction materials recognition.

  • Basic material installation practices.

  • Symbol recognition for multiple construction trades.

  • Types of blueprint views.

  • Units of measure for building materials.

  • How understanding blueprints will create new employment opportunities.

  • Who is an architect and why is he important to blueprint reading.

  • Basic specifications (description of materials) and how to read them.

  • What CSI division format is and why it is needed.

  • Alphabet (types or styles) of lines and what they mean.

  • Multi view principle to interpreting blueprints.

  • Learning to think in 3D.

  • Different styles and types of construction and where they are most often used.

*This class will be a pre-requisite for Construction Estimating class to follow.

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